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  • Your biggest obstacle to living a better life?

  • How giving leads to increased accomplishment, success and happiness?

  • The answer to a simple question that will save you tons of time, worry and effort?

  • A simple technique that will give you peace of mind every day of your life?

  • A practical method of self-motivation you can implement to get whatever you want whenever you want?

  • How to immediately improve the quality and significance of your relationships and deal effectively with difficult people?

  • How to perform better than your "best" at everything you do?

  • How to overwhelm your circumstances instead of being overwhelmed by them?

  • The absolute best way to keep your mind sharp and your spirit elevated?
Believe it or not, you already know these - and the many other "secrets" you'll find in Ken Wallace's book, "Your Better Self: A Simple Guide to Where You Want to Be."

But how can you put them all together so you can quickly and easily achieve your goals and manifest all your worthy aspirations?

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Ken explains what "Your Better Self" is all about

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"This book is FANTASTIC! Usually I read this type of book through then go back to some key points and dwell on them for the best self assistance.

However, this book caught me right from the first page. Every part showed me ways I can move myself along my path to where I want to be. I highly recommend it to anyone intersted in a more successful, happy and satisfied self."

 - Ed Hammond, International Management Consultant  (Carefree, AZ)

"Ken's books are very well thought out, laid out and effectively presented. Many authors tend to over explain their concepts but Ken's chapters are short, sharp and focused. Well done!! Readers will get what they need from Ken's books so they can get what they want in their lives!"

- Drew Price, Management Consultant, Productivity Coach (London, United Kingdom)

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